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CAP HOUSE – Construction d’une maison de ville (140 m2)

Marseille, 13 – France

Cette maison a reçu le Trophée de la Construction 2015 pour la catégorie « constructions neuves » qui distinguent et récompensent les chantiers de construction présentant un caractère innovant de par sa conception architecturale, ses matériaux utilisés, son montage et l’organisation du projet.

« Pour cette maison le jury a apprécié cette audace architecturale combinée à une intégration au site très réussie »



The clients, a young open-minded and trusting couple with two kids has a tight budget. We are being asked to think on a contemporary, adapted, functional, ecological, evolving and economic house. The father – a chief mate- is a lover of the Mediterranean, he transmitted his passion to the whole family who want today reflect it in their house.


This townhouse is located on a small parcel oriented North/South, in the heart of a cluster of house, situated along an urban backroad of the Sixth District of Marseille.

Between integration and rupture, the project has slipped in a very eclectic architectural context.


The nature of the site, the budget constraints and the complexity of the program made us quickly reflect on the optimization of the structure’s project and on the definition of supporting facades.


Facades of this project are made of rough concrete that allowed us on the one hand to establish levels completely crossing and without any posts, one the other hand to define a radical aesthetic which stand out from surrounding buildings.



The project is developed on three trays – free and crossing – maintaining singular relation regarding the landscape. On the ground floor level, the garage, the guest room and the workshop are open to the garden in the heart of the block. Upstairs, nocturnal space where each room maintains a special relationship to the landscape. The last tray containing the daytime space is completely crossing, with in the North a ‘bow-window’ and in the South a terrace. The last tray, in addition to allow an extension of the dining room to the outside, forms a solar occultation device.


A right flight of stairs serving each level cross the entire length of the house. This space imbued with the light promotes the free flow of air to a bottom-up and provides natural ventilation of the house.


The project is defined by sublimation – and not submission- complex issues and technical solutions. This is because it is the most economical solution for this project that we preferred to reinforce concrete structure. This is because the project situation didn’t allow access to mixer truck or lifting devices that craft insitu reinforced concrete was inevitable. This is because we had to shift the party wall foundations to eastern boundary that the volume of the stairs was designed.
























Plan Masse

Plan Masse




Plan RDC

Plan RDC



Plan R+1

Plan R+1


Plan R+2

Plan R+2

Plan Nord

Plan Nord

Plan Sud

Plan Sud


Fiche technique:

Date : 2014
Lieu : Marseille (13)
Maître d’ouvrage : Particulier
Maître d’oeuvre : ACAU
Mission : Mission Complète
Coût : 220 000 €HT
SHON: 140 m2